Why worms love christmas

Why worms love christmas

This time we went on safari. Richard schober, the grand seigneur of the iphofen stout, arrived in a floor-length caftan, tour leader simon roth in a tropical suit, and when, shortly after 7 p.M., three gentlemen started to play their drums covered with animal skins, the motto of the evening was almost palpable: africa with all its exoticism and its secrets.

Even the first number offered a hint of the wild: a "group of skittish young animals," as roth advertised the stucht offspring, performed the dance of the savannah in the lowen and zebra look or in the garb of village women. Emily troll and emily koos from TSV/DJK wiesentheid twirled around the stage as a butterfly and a spider, a young duo that has become german runners-up with its expressive dance.

The adult folklore dancers with spears appeared later as a "wild bunch" to the sounds of "the lion sleeps tonight". And then there was the missionary jorg kornacker, who spanned the arc from corruption in world football to the frauds at volkswagen to the refugee crisis. "I am shocked and amused at what is happening in germany."

Frankish speeches

Martina bernhardt invited everyone to a crash course in german – or should we say iphofenish?. Wonderfully clever how she, as a teacher, worked out french phrases from english with her pupils. The "schulers" came from the early days of the traditional event, which was revived in 1999, a generation that has made the stucht a social event again and prepared the ground for its successors. Bernhardt, too, was one of the first to take part – not to forget: klaus brehm.

After brehm and bernhardt withdrew from moderating, it had become somewhat quieter around the congenial stucht duo. But the fever does not let go of them completely. And so this time brehm was not infected by the stucht virus, but he was infected by a parasite when he stepped onto the stage.

The professor, who on this occasion does not have to pretend to be anything but himself, told us some astonishing things about the tapeworm: the competent bioscientist who knows how to convey the content of his work in such an ingenious and comedic way that even the last person in the room understands it.

Tapeworm and roast goose

Who knew that humans and tapeworms share 50 percent of the genes, that the tapeworm regenerates 150 times if you split it into just as many pieces – "do that at home with your rough-haired dachshund!"And that the tapeworm feels at home in humans, especially when they eat a fat roast goose for christmas. Because the cute little animal does not leave its host and therefore cannot find a partner, it has to fertilize itself.

Jurgen popp as "poppi vom stadtgrabn" also had some slippery things in his repertoire, a "colorful bird whose jokes are more determined than a nile crocodile," as safari director roth called out. Popp stood for the 20. Time on the stucht stage, so was already active before the new edition. Barbara weigand recounted her "iphofer gschichtli," episodes such as the miraculous rescue of the winegrowers' festival, the ratselhaften abwartstrend of the FC-fubballer or "earthly gates" in the city parish church, which remain closed despite a "powerful jerk".

The "crazy girls," the "blacklights" and the "fidelen kropfer" put on a show of high caliber. And the show band "let?S dance" played far into the night.