Weir makes the natural pool fit

The natural adventure pool in rothenkirchen is currently being spruced up not only for the upcoming swimming season, but also because of the benefit concert that will take place on 14. July will be held at 7 pm at the natural swimming pool. It will simply be the highlight of the year for rothenkirchen, as the musical star uli scherbel could be won over as a guest. The star from rothenkirchen will have his own show with "songs for a summer night" present. The whole thing for a good cause, namely for the demand for the expansion of the popular youth campsite.
Also the voluntary fire department of rothenkirchen put a lot of work into making the natural swimming pool fit for the future. It was pleasing to see that young florians from the youth fire department also lent a hand. Gravel cleaning and rinsing work were the main tasks required to ensure that the natural swimming pool is once again filled with clear, pure water and invites swimmers to swim. 15 firefighters were busy for more than three hours and thus the FF rothenkirchen performed 45 working hours.