Vehicle inspection in upper franconia: seven charges – against one person

A check by the federal police on monday evening in the area of the car station thiersheim (district of wunsiedel) was the trigger for the clearing up of several criminal offences.

The police reported the following facts: first, almost 5 grams of marijuana were found on the accused, a 29-year-old man from the spree forest. Furthermore, it was found that he was driving his vehicle under the influence of drugs. He was also no longer in possession of the required driver's license. The car was also found to have false license plates. Investigations revealed that they had not been issued for his vehicle, but an audi in poland.

Forged identity cards for different countries

But even that was not the end of the series of offences. According to the police, a forged french identity card, a forged italian driver's license and a totally forged british driver's license were also found in the ubeltater's wallet. Of course, the man was prohibited from driving further, and several charges will now be filed for various offenses.