Vacation passport: crotches and fish stroking is the most important thing

vacation passport: crotches and fish stroking is the most important thing

You can hear them from far away: children running across the field in front of the fish farm, all within the framework of the vacation pass action in volkach. The children were on a hike in the main loop region in the morning, with some parents as chaperones. Now they have reached their destination: the gerstner fish farm under the management of michaela gerstner-scheller. She warmly welcomes the children and takes them to the large fish ponds in the farm yard.

There, gerstner-scheller explains that the pond contains char, catfish, eels, trout and koi, among other fish, what their tasks are and that the company breeds both food and ornamental fish. The children listen with interest and ask a lot of questions, but most of them can’t wait to do something themselves.

The children were allowed to catch fish

After some theoretical explanations, the children were now allowed to go to the coarse fish tanks and catch a few specimens from each of them. They enthusiastically lug coarse buckets and tubs, then use a landing net to fish the wriggling animals out of the water. Everything is there: tadpoles, frogs, fishes. Even if it takes some effort, everyone wanted to touch a fish and hold a frog in their hands.

Little benno is thrilled: "what i liked most about the fish farm was stroking the cages."Of the frogs caught, there are not many left at the end. The nimble animals have taken their chance and hopped away. But that’s not bad; there are many of them in the fish farm. They are mainly used for feeding the fishes.

From the tank to the grill

Now the question arises: who would like to help with the slaughtering and gutting of the animals?? Surprisingly, all but one of the girls wanted to go into the slaughter room. The group watches spellbound as gerstner-scheller cleans a fish. Afterwards the children were allowed to gut and wash the fish themselves. Elias even enjoyed it the most. During the rooting and preparation also the parents show interest. While the fish are being grilled, the children are playing in the courtyard. At the end the common lunch follows.

Tips for preparing fresh fish whoever works with live fish should deafen it with a blow to the head and make a deep cut behind the gills before gutting it. Then you make a long cut on the belly of the fish from the head to the caudal fin. Afterwards, all the innards should be removed and the fish should be washed thoroughly under running water. Important ingredients in the preparation of a fish are sour (lemon, lime) and salt. Herbs (thyme, parsley, rosemary), garlic and whole lemon slices are also suitable for stuffing. Finally, the fish is cooked: on the grill, in the oven or in the pan. The cooking time depends on the type and the coarseness of the fish.