Trouble in government formation in italy: star leader threatens

trouble in government formation in italy: star leader threatens

In the formation of a new government in italy, the populist funf-sterne movement has threatened to break off negotiations with the social democrats (PD).

Sterne leader luigi di maio set conditions that had to be included in government program – otherwise there would be no coalition. "Either we agree on our program points or we don’t go ahead," di maio said after talks with acting prime minister giuseppe conte.

PD head nicola zingaretti showed up. "Either there is an end to the unacceptable ultimatums or you get nowhere," he tweeted.

After the failure of the alliance with the right-wing lega, the stars are working to form a government with the social democrats. The PD wants a complete policy shift, including a departure from the hard line against migrants and a clear commitment to europe. But the stars are holding on to a controversial security decree that the previous interior minister, matteo salvini, had pushed through. This includes among other things high fines for private sea rescuers. The stars are also insisting on tax reform, a minimum wage and a reduction in the number of seats in parliament.

Conte currently has to put together a cabinet. He is expected to present his proposal to head of state sergio mattarella next week. After that, the cabinet can be sworn in – the last thing both chambers of parliament have to agree on.

The alliance of stars and right lega had burst salvini in early august. He is now leaving the ministry. "I have said goodbye to hundreds of employees of the ministry of the interior. I saw tranes and told them to turn them into laughs," salvini said. The head of lega has called for the 19. October called for rude demonstration against new government in rome. Before that, lega supporters are to meet as early as the 15th. September in pontida, northern italy, to meet for a demonstration.