Traffic loves good at buchenbacher damm

The new traffic routing on buchenbacher damm has proved its worth, according to a press release from the erlangen city council.
As construction and planning officer josef weber told the environment, traffic and planning committee of the erlangen city council, the flow of traffic has been regularly monitored by experts on site since the end of the school vacations at rush hour. The traffic jams were due to the construction site, but in the meantime there are no more major obstructions.
Further improvements have been achieved by optimizing the traffic light circuits. The construction and planning officer went on to say that the markings and new traffic routing had also been rated as safe by the police. Overall, safety on the road has been significantly improved through improved markings, new crash protection and clear signage.
There are no inconsistencies in the accident statistics. Overall, the new traffic routing has significantly improved the punctuality of the buses. "Punctuality is one of the most important factors in making local transport more attractive for customers and thus an important contribution to relieving the strain on the roads", according to weber.
In the future, it would make sense to continue the bus lane after the freeway crossing in the direction of the city center. But that would have entailed a lot of rough handling and financial hardship. Buchenbacher damm, one of the most congested roads in the city, was extensively renovated last year. A new feature is a separate bus lane in the city center in order to maintain punctuality and timetable stability for the bus network or, for example, to the S-bahn stop paul-gossen-strabe. The lanes for motor traffic were rearranged, as were the crash barriers.