The quake

The other day, it was around 11 p.M. And I was lying in my bed reading, there was a slight wobbling of my sleeping pole. This made me wonder, because at this time of the day it is very rare to see semi-trucks or armored trucks passing under my window. A subway hardly passes under my house, as far as I know. In a case like this, you might consider that what you have just read could have shaken you up. Or was I even trembling with emotion? Or was the slight tremor now even a stroke, one of the silent kind?? After feeling my forehead, I was able to rule out an attack of fever, and to be on the safe side, I checked to see if I was not alone in bed. Maybe I was involved in something and it was shaking, but no, I found that I was actually alone and no one was messing with me.

Because I live in a rented house, I now had the idea that the shaking could have been caused by the neighbors below me. Maybe there was a party or at least an orgy in their booths. But I could listen as much as I wanted, it was quiet in the house. That’s why I turned back to myself, and since I didn’t like the idea of having my own stroke, I took a look under the covers to see if there was a reason for the wobbling. But there everything was as usual, there were only the empty yogurt cups, the waffle iron, the challenge cup, durant’s cultural history of mankind (volume 12) and my tennis hit.

So it’s sometimes amazing what you accumulate when you get visitors. Since it was only 11pm, I decided to take a little break from all that stuff and get to the bottom of the wiggling thing in more detail. For this purpose, I called a friend who was educated overleaf and made sure that he was roused from his sleep for this reason.

He’s very careful about his sleeping hours, but he can’t be mad at me when I call either. As I learned from him, there are also tectonic movements in germany and thus earthquakes from time to time. Once, my buddy told me, he had even experienced this himself in the ruhr area. Nevertheless, he couldn’t resist asking me if I was dreaming about the wobble, or if I might have one in my tea. When I assured my buddy that I was almost completely nuchtern, he became almost completely serious again.

Actually, he said, earthquakes in germany are more likely to occur in the upper rhine valley and not so much here in the upper main valley. "Maybe the earthquake made a mistake", I interjected and referred to the really confusable similarity between the addresses of oberrheintal and obermaintal. For a moment there was silence on the phone, then my buddy wished a good night and not to be bothered anymore. So the next day i phoned around my circle of acquaintances and tried to find out whether anyone there had also had a wobble at around 11 p.M.

But there was nothing, no one could remember anything in this regard. So in this matter I drew my lessons from the wobble incident all by myself. Point 1: it is really urgent to open up under the covers from time to time. Point 2: empty yogurt pots belong in the yellow bag.