The open-air pool makers are facing a mountain of problems

Like yves kull-porisch, a frenchman who has lived here for 16 years and met his egloffstein wife jutta porisch in greece. He works as a cook in nurnberg and is one of only three water watchmen left at the egloffstein open-air pool. This was once all planned. In 2010, when the open-air swimming pool celebrated its 75th anniversary, the. When he celebrated his 100th birthday, a local water patrol group of ten people was euphorically formed. Today there are only three of them left. Because one water patroller is pregnant, the work in the practice is divided between two shoulders. "Most of them soon quit again", kull-porisch remembers. Especially because they had estimated the amount of work wrongly: "who likes to work eight hours for nothing on a sunday??", asks kull-porisch and points out a fundamental problem in this context: "people only want to take, but no longer want to give."

Anger at the district association

On the other hand, kull-porisch also assigns a share of the blame to the district association in forchheim. Lifeguard frank "katsche "izban sees it the same way. "Four women alone quit because they didn't agree with the work of the forchheim district water rescue team", says izban. There was a lack of everything: of help when it came to checking the necessary equipment, of staff to supervise and to run courses. Kull-porisch reacted particularly stunned to an email from the district association. It was succinctly written: "we can't help you"."

Kull-porisch had actually only wanted to name a contact person to whom he could turn if he had any questions.
But it's not just egloffstein's second mayor, nikolaus thater, who realizes that the outdoor pool can only function with the commitment of volunteers. "We couldn't pay the supervisors because their salaries were higher than the income from admission fees, says thater. So for the time being, the current solution remains: yves kull- porisch and the twins theresia and katharina senfft share the supervision of the outdoor pool.

Because it is also clear: without supervision, the egloffstein outdoor pool cannot go on. In addition, lifeguard izban is plagued by other worries: a lot of water is still being lost because of a leak. Moreover, the pool liner is over 40 years old and should have been replaced "long ago". And then the pool slowly lowers to the left. It was also found that the water attacks the copper pipes of the water pump and calcifies them.

All this, plus the 50,000 euros that the municipality has to contribute annually to the operation of the pool, means a mountain of problems for everyone who cares about the pool.