The club is now led by Matthias Klement

The club is now led by matthias klement

The association rhonlink e.V. Has elected a new board of directors. The previous first chairman, jochen vogel, stood down, as did deputy chairman brigitte meyerdierks, secretary alexander schneider, and the two treasurers roland rommelt and bernold martin.
Matthias klement, mayor of mabbach, was unanimously elected new chairman by a show of hands. A lot has been achieved". He "benefits from the contacts and the network that jochen vogel has built up". He wanted to build on the foundation laid by the outgoing first chairman: "there is still plenty to do."
Before the election, jochen vogel gave a review of the past four years since the founding of the club and expressed his joy at what has been achieved. He has "learned an incredible amount and also marveled". Thanks to the many supporters and with objectivity, rhonlink had contributed to the result as it is today with the undergrounding. Vogel thanked for a "good cooperation and a good exchange on different levels".

Talks keep up

District administrator thomas bold (CSU) said that although the most intensive phases are over, the team must continue to work on issues such as the compensation scheme. In addition, efforts are being made to talk to the bavarian minister of economic affairs and to maintain contact with tennet and the federal network agency.
After a statement by gerhard schumm, who criticized the fact that the "P43 mod" variant had not been chosen, the vote was held." Was favored by tennet, mdl sandro kirchner (CSU) countered that the decision on the route of the line lay with the federal network agency and that in bavaria the "P43" variant was always chosen had been communicated. He also praised rhonlink's performance and the "constructive level" of communication, what the club has achieved. He also appealed for good cooperation between rhonlink, the citizens' initiatives and the political level.
Treasurer gotthard schlereth read out the cash report. The year 2017 closed with a surplus. The club had invited to the 31. 12.94 members in 2017, in the meantime one member has resigned. The cash register was audited by the two previous cash auditors, roland rommelt and bernold martin, and was in "perfect condition" was found to be. The actions of the previous executive board were ratified.