The brk also comes on the bike

The brk also comes on the bike

What the bavarian red cross (BRK) does: sanitary service, water and mountain rescue, search for missing persons, care services. The new e-bike squadron has made it possible to expand the resources available for deployment even further. The volunteer members of the BRK-bereitschaft ebersdorf come on duty with their e-bikes, for example for rough events on wide-ranging land, but also for a search for people.

In february of last year, the deputy head of the district emergency response team, dennis busch, came up with the idea of setting up an e-bike squadron – for two reasons: to expand the range of operations and to make volunteering more attractive.

In april 2019, two e-bikes were then put into service. "For a few weeks now, we have been working on a concept together with the rescue dog squad, the water rescue service and the motorcycle group of the BRK district association, so that we can also use our strengths in the quite frequent searches for missing persons", explains dennis busch.

The first missions are already behind them

The first two missions of the e-bike squadron took place twice at the same location during a search for missing persons in the district of lichtenfels. Their strengths were shown when the cyclists came through the countryside with other rescue teams and the rescue dog squad. Due to the cyclists, coarser areas around the inner search circle could be covered. For example, while the dogs picked up and followed the ride, the e-bike squad also traveled on roads and paths and in light to moderate terrain, expanding the radius by moving faster. During this first mission, the e-bike team covered a distance of about 15 kilometers.

The squad cannot completely do without a motorized vehicle if the location is far away. That is why the multi-purpose vehicle of the ebersdorfer bereitschaft is available for transporting the volunteers and their e-bikes. This is equipped accordingly. "Our first mission showed that additional lamps are helpful in order to see well even in poor lighting conditions. The task now is to acquire them", explains moritz perl, who is also the deputy head of the emergency service in ebersdorf. The e-bike riders are equipped with a radio and a standard sanitary backpack. A gps device and maps are also being purchased. And of course the e-bikes are approved for road traffic.

Only one such team in the district association so far

The squad always consists of a squad leader, who must be at least qualified as a specialist paramedic, and another paramedic. In the coburg district association, ebersdorf is currently the only preparedness team with an e-bike squadron. There are others at the district association level of the BRK. District head of preparedness johannes stegmann has therefore offered to support the establishment of an e-bike squadron in the coburg district association.

Financed from several sides

Since there is a cooperation between the BRK district association and an e-bike manufacturer, the ebersdorf rescue team received partial sponsorship from the manufacturer for the purchase price of the two e-mountain bikes, and a subsidy from the BRK district association. The remaining amount and the costs for additional equipment, helmets and safety devices for the transport were contributed by the ebersdorf team.

Since the emergency clothing currently consists of the normal emergency clothing of the BRK-bereitschaften, the E-bike pioneers from ebersdorf are still looking for a future-proof solution. Because the teams are self-financing, the e-bikers hope for donations from the population and for volunteers who are willing to strengthen the team with personnel. Currently, up to eight people are available for this additional volunteer service. In a comprehensive training in theory and practice, the BRK cyclists are familiarized with the procedure of operation standards, maintenance and care as well as the technology of the e-mountain bikes. "We are pleased that we volunteers with our E-bike squadron can complement the specialized services and offer the population an even more comprehensive assistance", assures dennis busch.