The air sports club takes off again

2017 will go down as a special year in the history of the kitzingen air sports club (LSC). After many years of standstill, the airfield went back into operation in the summer as a special landing strip.

Since then, there have been 167 days of flying on the landing field and the club has more than ten new members. That was the main message that LSC chairman herbert sattler brought to the annual general meeting.

Because he has worked tirelessly for ten years to preserve the airfield, he has been made an honorary member. This also applies to alfred taborsky, who was given the same honor after a good 50 years of membership and active involvement.

Sattler was pleased that among the newcomers there were five young people between the ages of 13 and 14. Another positive aspect is that, despite the many activities at the site, no complaints have been received about larvae pollution.

The exhibition at a school and the lecture "the dream of flying" developed by anna bauer and bertram poch for the kitzingen children’s academy, which was shown as part of the children’s academy, contributed to the positive development. "We want and need to be a part of the kitzingen public," sattler said in a press release for the meeting.

Sattler thanked the members for their efforts to reactivate the airfield. The regular flight operations at the special landing field, which have been running again since may, require a great deal of organizational effort. The opening ceremony, prepared above all by utta poch, was a complete success. Now it’s a question of improving the infrastructure. In addition to a flight camp and a flight site festival in late summer, there will be a training course for flight instructors from all over southern germany in the fall, says sattler about the plans for 2018. Gunter goller will be responsible for this. The flight camp is an offer to the own members and neighboring associations. With the airfield festival, the association wants to present itself to a broad public and return to the successful airfield days of the 1990s.

In closing, treasurer johannes baier described the financial situation as "tight, given the circumstances". The aim now is to generate funds for investment in aircraft and infrastructure.