Tension in Hagenbach

Hagenbach – with the opening of the sliding hall in connection with the open house, the tourist infrastructure of the french switzerland region has experienced an interesting enrichment. But also all interested residents and inhabitants of the neighboring communities of pretzfeld-hagenbach had the opportunity to get to know the center for traditional and intuitive arching in the region of french switzerland.
The goal of the two responsible managers, jochen vogt and jan kreissl, together with a team of eight trainers, is to bring the sport of archery closer to the interested public in the local region. Families who want to experience a special kind of excursion are just as welcome as employees of entire companies who want to get to know this special sport on the occasion of a company outing.
Since bowhunting is one of the oldest forms of hunting known to mankind, the focus is on traditional and traditional hunting. The intuitive bowing, the original form, as mankind has been doing it for about 30,000 years. The bow lacks a special technical aiming device. In trial courses, anyone interested can experience that after about an hour of instruction, the intended targets can be hit.
"Experienced" archers have the opportunity to test their sliding skills in the new 3D parcour "lakengrund (in the land behind the sliding hall) with its 14 sliding stations, where the natural hunting sliding on animal dummies is practiced, to perfect. Another 3D course is available with 30 stations at rothelfels, the most coherent rocky outcrop in french switzerland near morschreuth and urspring.