Stadtsteinach youth center: name wanted

Stadtsteinach youth center: name wanted

What will the new youth center be like?? The youth parliament of stadtsteinach around its leader lena badstuber is urgently looking for a name for the building at the forstamtstrabe right behind the town hall, which the town council has been preparing for the youth since autumn. The name should be bright, funny and cool at all.

Ideas in a shoebox

"Youth house, stanich youth – no. Self-"youth parliament now the young people find it boring as a name for their loose community. "Youth jail" might be a little bit shingy, although the window at the new house is barred – or "wheel house (behind the town hall), because the building once housed a bicycle repair shop. Ideas were first collected on slips of paper in a shoebox. "If you have any ideas, you can post them on our facebook page," says lena badstuber, says lena badstuber.

Public toilet

40000 to 50 000 euro minus subsidies are being invested by the city in the ground-level building, in which a public toilet accessible from the outside is also being installed. Up to now the young people with the building yard have cleared out the house first. The walls are already plastered. Behind the new entrance door there is a 30 square meter room available for future meetings.

The other room, which is about the same size, has already been divided into a storeroom, kitchen and public restroom. Electricity, water and heating are already installed. Lighting and a new floor are coming, as well as a new kitchen, donated by mirko beckmann – and also comfortable furniture, used or new. "And – very important! – there will also be free wifi." This is what mayor roland wolfrum officially agreed to, or rather promised, subject to approval by the city council, at the construction site party on friday evening.

Still a provisional solution

The youth parliament had invited me to this after dark. The paved forecourt was illuminated by a fire in the barrel, inside there were spotlights for light. The beer bench and tables were not exactly inviting for chilling out, but they were suitable for the 30 or so young people for the snack and the naturally alcohol-free drinks that the youth parliament had donated.

Invited to participate

The two youth representatives of the city council, karin witzgall and harald hempfling, did not make any rough speeches during the tour of the construction site, but invited the young people to take a look around and, above all, to join in later on.

District youth welfare officer jurgen ziegler not only noted that almost nowhere else was so much being done for young people as in stadtsteinach, but had already promised grants from the district youth association (kjr) during the planning phase for the youth center. The KJR will also temporarily assign someone to coordinate meetings in the youth center and, if necessary, to keep an eye on things, because the youth center should not become a victim of chaos like the shelter at the skater park.

Since only interior work is still pending, the youth center could be ready for occupancy by mid-february. Then there will also be a rough inauguration party.