Sisyphus work before christmas

Achim kaidel takes one bulb after the other in his hand and turns each one until it lights up – a thousand times. If a lamp stays out, it is broken and must be replaced. The electrician of the staatsbad gmbh is almost finished with the deer. Then it's the turn of the light bulbs for the deer and the pigs.

Achim kaidel and his colleagues are currently installing the christmas crib in front of the regent building. Because in the next week, when advent begins, everything must be ready.

"The christmas crib has 48 figures. That's 13.000 lamps", says spa director gunter sauer and refers to the sisyphus work of his people. All the squares of the state swimming pool are currently being decorated.

And the market square will soon be bright again, too. The municipal utility has been putting up the christmas market lights for several days now. Six men take care of it, two others of the lighting of the 20 privately donated christmas trees in the city area.

"We want to be ready on wednesday", says hans-joachim mautner, head of the technical department. For friday, 30. November, the christmas market is opened. "Since this year we have new stands, which are easier to put up", informs heiko grom, chairman of pro bad kissingen. There are all kinds of delicacies again this year.