Rusty equipment for the occupational route

The graduation ceremony at the state vocational school for wood sculptors is always a special hour of celebration for the teachers, students and the many friends of the school. It is always a special day for the school when the graduates receive their certificates and at the same time the prizes and commendations can be handed over, said principal christine gotz. Her special thanks went to the district of rhon-grabfeld as sachauandstrager and above all to district administrator thomas habermann, who always has an open ear for the school. The commitment of the district is a guarantee for the good education of young people in bischofsheim "investments in education are investments at the highest level", gotz pointed out. The planned new school building for the wood sculpting school, which everyone on site is already looking forward to, is such an investment. Gotz also thanked the city of bischofsheim, which was represented by deputy mayor egon sturm. Whether it's exhibition opportunities or help from the building yard, it's a reliable partnership.

The graduates, who have now received their certificates as "state-certified wood sculptors", are now in their first year of training the principal congratulated them on their successful graduation. At the bischofsheim wood sculpture school they got the tools for their further professional life, whether in the independence as freelance artists or in further professional training or studies. The dedicated and motivated specialist teachers contributed to the success and implemented projects with the schoolchildren in an imaginative way. Gotz recalled, among other things, the competition for the citta-slow sculpture, exhibitions on various topics and the "symbiosium" at the end of the school year.

District administrator thomas habermann was responsible for presenting the district's philipp mendler award. The young swedish student ebba-astrid radke received this special award not only because she had performed well in the preparation of her final thesis, but also because she had worked with concentration, commitment and reliability throughout her time at the school and had distinguished herself by her positive nature and exemplary behavior within the school family. Habermann also congratulated all graduates on their successful completion of school and asked them to go their own way and remain unconventional, because art must be unconventional in order to shape the development of society. "Think openly and modernly. Don't let them round you and make you smooth", he asked the young artists, because society must "endure art". "Be brave and do new things."

Bischofsheim is an excellent place for this school, because culture and nature come together here. The prizes of the city of bischofsheim are presented by the deputy mayor egon sturm to julius plaszczyk (bischofsheim) and michaela heigl (unterweibenbrunn). Plaszczyk is a schoolboy who always takes care of himself, is very reliable, hard-working and committed, and shows good academic performance. He works beyond the normal mab, always thinks along and holds the office of class president. Heigl is a very social, committed, reliable and orderly student who always takes care of herself, performs well in school and is very hardworking. She holds the office of second class president. Both are in their first year of training. In addition to congratulating the graduates, sturm attested to the excellent future prospects of the wood sculpture school, which offers young people a valuable opportunity for training. This year's book prize was presented by the principal to kerstin sporck (ostheim). Their foresighted and consistent way of working, results-oriented and goal-oriented, as well as their organizational talent, commitment and dedication to the common good and the school family, respectively, were decisive for the jury.