Plow damaged fiber optic cable

The cable runs under the farmer’s field, which is about six kilometers from bad kissingen. The saale-zeitung was also affected by the storm. Editorial office and business office were unavailable by phone for most of the day. Speeches to the audience were also not possible. Saale-zeitung’s e-mail connection was not affected.

Among others, the district office and the local court also had problems. While telephones worked and e-mails arrived at the district office, it was not possible to send e-mails. The bavarian government network, a separate network with protected lines, was also dead throughout the district.

Telekom’s damaged cable is also used by vodafone. According to an employee of the district office, everyone involved with vodafone was affected. But many telekom customers also reached for the horer on wednesday in vain.

Vodafone received the cancellation notice around 10 a.M., according to a company spokesperson. The german telecom confirmed this date. By 6 p.M., the cable had been repaired and the connections were working again.