Overwhelming approval in referendums in bavaria

For the five referendums that will also be put to the vote on sunday, in addition to the state and district elections, an overwhelmingly high level of acceptance is emerging. After just under a quarter of the votes had been counted, approval of the individual questions on monday ranged between 85 and 93 percent.

The referendum on adequate funding for municipalities met with the greatest approval among voters, while the referendum on EU matters received the fewest yes votes. The other three achieved an approval rating of around 90 percent each. The voter turnout was around 64 percent.
Four of the five constitutional amendments are new state goals that are also to be enshrined in the bavarian constitution: "equal living and working conditions throughout bavaria, in the city and the countryside", the demand for honorary office, a debt brake and adequate financial resources for the municipalities by the free state.

The fifth decision concerns europe. Until now, the state parliament has been powerless when the EU wants to take over the responsibilities of the federal states and the federal government says yes. Things are about to change: in the future, the state parliament will be able to legislate on the state government's voting behavior in the bundesrat.