Oberwildfleckener are inoculated on carnival

The wind whistled frostily through oberwildflecken yesterday. At 620 meters above sea level, the fools at the foot of the kreuzberg are naturally used to this and don’t love to spoil the carnival procession through the town. And to the auarmen the cars had each quantity with on board: from the warm magic potion of the SCK-miraculix up to the alcoholic impf-spritzen of the toyota-team rhon.

"It really started in 1990 from kindergarten", georg zurek remembers the beginnings of the oberwildflecken carnival procession. The kindergarten in the smallest part of wildflecken was closed a year ago, but the organization of the increasingly rough procession had already passed to the local sports club, the SCK (for sportclub kreuzberg) oberwildflecken.

"We have been preparing for the train for three weeks", reports zurek, who is head of the fubball department at the SCK and own words "girl for everything" is. Towards the end, it was particularly foolish: "since friday, we’ve actually been here the whole time", he already tells with a slightly hoarse voice.

The train traditionally starts and ends at the "kreuzberghof", the oberwildflecken inn, which is no longer open every day, but on such days naturally opens its doors for the fools. In between, it then goes to several "gas stations" in the village: tradesmen welcome the fools and buy them a drink.

"This year we are participating for the fifth time", reports dirk korbstein from the "muna-schlucker" stammtisch. The name muna is derived from the former army ammunition depot on the ruins of which the town was built after the second world war. The club meets every week in its small clubhouse in the village. "We’ve all known each other since we were kids", reports korbstein. Hence the idea to participate in the parade: "last year we had something political, this year it should just be fun"."