“Oberlowe” stands to answer questions

The regularities such as reports from the areas of the fan club, or the new elections of the board for the region 19 – so heibt lower franconia on the fan club map – were worked through, then the man was allowed to do it, on whose execution the "lowen" supporters were eagerly awaiting. Contact with the grass roots is important to dieter schneider. "When he is invited, he also tries to come. I know him quite well," said claus hunnerkopf from geiselwind, the re-elected chairman of 19 munich fan clubs in the area stretching from aschaffenburg to bamberg 19.

The acquaintance schneiders to hunnerkopf does not result only from the winter training camp of the munchner briefly in turkey, where hunnerkopf traveled times evenly there, in order to be completely close the zweitliga kickern of its adored club. In order to have the president present at the meeting, the date of the fan club meeting was appropriately timed, hunnerkopf said.

The fans were in need of information after the club’s turbulent last few weeks. For dieter schneider, who has been in charge since 2011, this is nothing new for a club that is still struggling financially. His jordanian investor hasan ismaik holds 60 percent of the shares in professional soccer and has long been a powerful man at 1860. According to schneider, a three-year plan to return to the bundesliga was drawn up with him last year.

Investor ismaik wanted to hire the former english national coach sven-goran eriksson, an extremely well-known man, for the coaching staff of the second division club. Too much of the internally conducted talks had leaked out to the outside world. As a result, the whole situation boiled over, schneider said, describing it as "very unfortunate.". In general, the loyal fans complained about the club’s poor image, which did not show it to be a unity at all.

Lowen president schneider faced some criticism from fans. In the club, "not everything is just bad. Where there is a lot of work, mistakes also happen. "We haven’t done everything right, but the basic course is right," he said optimistically, pointing out that two years ago his club had reached the end of its financial tether. Especially the theater around ismaik and eriksson had partly gone under his skin in the last weeks. "I had to swallow a lot."

He dismissed the recurring topic of the lowen having their own stadium. "Too expensive! At the moment we can not even manage to take out a million euro loan for the youth center."The media questioned schneider in vain about karsten wettberg and the main sponsor for the next round at 1860.

We will and must come to terms with investor ismaik in the future in order to achieve the rough goal of the bundesliga in sporting terms again. This was the wish of the fans, who thanked schneider for his efforts. The president was close to the people, happy to fulfill the photo requests of the supporters.

Not much changed in the new elections for the fan club district. Chairman remains claus hunnerkopf (geiselwind), deputies are klaus bayer (bamberg) and alf gloggler (veitshochheim). Two new members of the board are treasurer karin bayer (frensdorf) and secretary thomas wirsing (veitshochheim). Jurgen spiegel (wiesentheid) and peter berk (kist) complete the board as assessors.