No one really warms to futsal

Next saturday is the district council meeting in mellrichstadt. With rainer koch as guest. Maybe it’s also a bit about futsal. The type of indoor soccer that the president of the bavarian soccer association is known to like so much. Why as much as possible and as often as possible of it should be offered everywhere. In official competitions, there is no way around futsal anyway. To the chagrin of the rhonians, who are gradually losing interest in this rather low-scoring game that doesn’t scare away spectators – because they don’t come to the hall in the first place. The protagonists also show the cold shoulder to futsal, this time not even a qualifying tournament was of note in view of the overwhelming number of entries from the clubs

much more fans had turned up 24 hours earlier at the munnerstadt sports center for the three-legged kick under "normal" conditions indoor futsal conditions. Even many officials and referees, who have been sworn to the association’s line for years, are now blatantly critical of futsal, while the association’s leaders are operating without the wishes of the grassroots. A perceptual disturbance that drives displeasure to extremes. "Futsal is for the very bottom, if only on small goals is played", finds, for example, matthias petzold, the former coach of TSV ostheim. Coach colleagues such as leander gerlach (SV herschfeld) or markus bach (TSV grobbardorf II) were a bit more diplomatic, putting the fun of the game in the foreground, but of course also not denying the overwhelming level of the game.

Although, as a district league team, it was the highest-ranked team in group A, host TSV munnerstadt missed out on the semifinals, as did TSV nudlingen and TV jahn winkels. The SG reiterswiesen/PSV bad kissingen was the most successful team from the district’s point of view. As the runner-up in the group, they just missed the final with a 0:1 against the SG unsleben/wollbach. Then frank halbig’s eleven also lost the game for third place 1:2 against the more ruthless SV rodelmaier. The tournament was won by the SG unsleben/wollbach, who beat TSV grobbardorf II in the final after a penalty shootout.

On the sidelines of the tournament it became known that munnerstadt’s coach thomas dietz resigned from his post for private reasons and will be succeeded by klaus keller with immediate effect