Mancity squander the title – balotelli facing expulsion?

Mancity squander the title - balotelli facing expulsion?

After city can check off the english championship title, not least because of the 21-year-old’s countless indiscipline, mancini announced for the first time on sunday evening that he would "probably" sell him. "I’m done with him. We have six games left and he won’t play in those six games," mancini said about balotelli. The striker was in the 0:1 defeat against FC arsenal with yellow-red in the 90th minute. Minute flew from the place. In addition, an ubler kick of him remained unpunished.

Balotelli is the "birdbrained embodiment of the collapse of city", even the "guardian" wrote. Within a week, balotelli had already had a tense argument with teammates in a game over a free kick, been involved in an accident with his bentley, and admitted through his advisor to cheating on his girlfriend with a call girl well known to wayne rooney.

In just over a month, the sheikh club’s five-point cushion has turned into an eight-point gap over city rivals united. "Game over for mancini and his city millionaires," was the headline in the times after the game at emirates stadium, in which mikel arteta scored the gunners’ 87th-minute winner. Minute had scored the all-important victory in the race for the champions league places.

Rooney laughed at balotelli’s performance via twitter "haha", alex ferguson’s face must have turned red in anticipation of the 20th goal. Championship of the red devils, the 13. Under his direction. The party could already after the direct duel on 30. April at etihad stadium, home of the "noisy neighbors," as united coach ferguson once called nouveau riche city.

For balotelli, the borderganger between "super mario" and the crazy "mad mario", it is already the second yellow-red card of this season. In addition, he was also banned for kicking an opponent in the head after the event. This could now bleed him again. According to mancini he deserves a long suspension. On monday evening, balotelli conveyed his apology via the italian news agency ANSA: "I am sorry for having disappointed mancity and especially roberto mancini, whom I respect and like very much."He will talk about his future with the club at the end of the season.

Mancini had also defended balotelli, whom he had brought to city from inter milan in 2010 for the equivalent of 29 million euros and already knew as a 17-year-old. "I love him as a guy because i know him," he said. "He is young and could be my son. He’s not a bad guy. He is a fantastic player."

Mancini currently talks about balotelli at every press conference and added: "i’ve seen players like him, who have all the talent, and after two or three years they’re finished." After all, balotelli has scored 13 goals again this season. But the italian, who was recently dropped from the squad by national coach cesare prandelli because of his unpredictability for his own team, also had too much time on his hands to wear cockscomb caps or go out on the town in a nightclub 48 hours before an important match. Or setting his house on fire while handling fireworks corpses in the bathroom.