Magical: the blessing for couples

Under the motto "you are magic" couples of all ages were invited to the pilgrimage chapel "zeiler kappele invited to a blessing service. The high point of this service was the blessing of god, which pastor michael erhart gave to each couple with very personal words and thoughts. "And in every beginning there is a magic that protects us and helps us to live", with this sentence by the poet hermann hesse, the pastor in the sermon spanned his thoughts on the changing form of feelings and love. He looked with the couples at the different stages of life and forms of love. While the love at the wedding is still "pink" after years and decades, it often turns into a rather mundane rut.

Love rekindled

Pastor michael erhart referred to the "embers from the text of the hymn, which he had read from the holy scripture. And he asked the question: "when was the last time you glowed for your partner??" He showed how love can be rekindled over and over again. Just as a miracle candle does not ignite itself and produce sparks, so it is with the love between two people. It always needs the spark that reignites the love again. He wished the couples that the magic of love can ignite something and that love does not just fade away and grow cold, even if some things change. As a souvenir, each pair took a card designed with sparklers.