Logistics company cs trans moves to michelau

The relocation plans of the logistics company CS trans now seem to be rapidly taking on very concrete form – in the michelau business park "am bahnhof". The project was presented at the most recent meeting of the municipal council and the committee passed a unanimous resolution for a minor change to the development plan. The originally planned new building at the former grundfeld company headquarters is therefore off the table.

The necessary procedures with public interpretation are still to come, but everything could go smoothly. The 4.5 hectare site is 80 percent owned by the municipality and has been designated as a commercial area for about 30 years. The decision to change now concerns the access road, which will have to be less long because there is now only one site to be developed. If CS managing director christian schad has his way, the front hall of the two roughly planned 10,000 and 9,000 square meters could be occupied as early as next year. The rear one is to be built in a second construction phase. Schad said that what he had not achieved in two and a half years in bad staffelstein had become possible in two and a half months in michelau.

The construction of the new logistics center near grundfeld divided opinion long after the referendum in the town of bad staffelstein (november 2019), which had actually gone in favor of the project. Most recently, in the summer, the state council for the preservation of historical monuments spoke out against a company complex at this exposed location in the main valley. The company boss had explored other possibilities in parallel and in august had a talk with michelau’s mayor dirk rosenbauer (CSU). The flat one near the railroad station was the only one with the required coarseness that could be offered, he explained.

The access road to the B 173 via the narrow old railroad bridge could not be allowed to continue to be an obstacle for too long. As rosenbauer emphasized, there are efforts to bring forward the construction of the new driveway; there has been talk of completion by 2025. It is also important to him that the logistician does not bring more through traffic.

In the municipal council, the issue of arm protection for the residents had been raised, some of whom attended the meeting. Rosenbauer announced further talks and emphasized: "my door is open to everyone." He had the impression that CS trans was trying to minimize any problems. 30 to 50 trucks a day are expected to arrive. Loading activities should take place as far away as possible from the next houses and the access road should also be designed accordingly.

The mayor does not see any problems with regard to the additional sealing of surfaces in the mainaue area. This commercial area had already been taken into account in the calculations for the flood clearance. The area is a meadow, no or only a few trees had to be cut down. CS boss schad assured that the roofs of the halls would be fitted with solar panels.