House ebern among the best

The unfortunate financial situation and the burden on the budget of the habberge district are one side of the coin – the medical quality and the satisfaction of the patients are the other: the habberg hospital in ebern is among the best eleven percent of hospitals in germany.
In a hospital ranking commissioned by the frankfurter allgemeine zeitung, 1909 clinics throughout the republic were evaluated. The ebern district hospital has the 206th place in the ranking. Ranked well ahead of many major and prestigious houses nationwide.
For the first time, according to F.A.Z. Institute for management, market and media information compiled a ranking of almost all hospitals in germany. In addition to quality reports (data from 2016), patient opinions were also evaluated. The evaluation took into account factors such as the average proportion of specialists in the hospital or the number of nursing staff and specialists in relation to the number of patients. However, quality reports and results of patient surveys from three rating portals on the internet were also evaluated. The result is an evaluation that includes emotional and factual assessments. Only the staff of the clinics were not surveyed.

77.9 percent of the best

The best rating was achieved by a clinic in passau, whose result in the ranking is given the value 100. The results of all the other hospitals were converted proportionately. The score can thus be described as "percent of the best" read. 417 hospitals scored 75 percent and above. They are the "winners been awarded. With a score of 77.9 points, the ebern clinic was ranked 206th.
"As someone from ebern, i'm proud that we have such an outstanding hospital on site.", writes former city chamberlain klaus ebert, who brought the ranking to the attention of the FT. Stephan kolck, chairman of the board of the habberg clinics, considers the good position and above all the positive feedback from patients a "nice thing" and as "recognition for our employees."
At the hospital in ebern, where mainly scheduled operations are performed, quality assurance is particularly important. The good result is "not a matter of course for such a small house", says kolck "it shows how well one wheel meshes with another here."
If the clinics do not advertise their success, kolck says it is because such good seals have to be paid for dearly. A certificate will cost about 10 000 euros for a term of twelve years