Hirschaid bypass: a chance as a “special construction burden”

Hirschaid bypass: a chance as a

Mayor andreas schlund (CSU) presented a deceptive solution for the realization of an audacious project: the rough wish for a permanent relief of heavy traffic in the through road could be fulfilled faster than even the optimists could hope for.

Schlund succeeded in combining the new construction of a connecting road between the freeway junction and the southern end of the town on state road 2244 (in the direction of forchheim) with road construction projects and reclassifications in altendorf, and did so with the blessing of the government of upper franconia and the supreme building authority.

The magic word is "special construction load acceptance hirschaid". And the best thing about it is that the free state is demanding 80 percent of the million-euro project. It is clear that the administration was unanimously instructed by the municipal council to continue pursuing this goal.

Normally, the construction of this bypass would hardly have been possible before 2020, recalled schlund. Because the route, according to the current status, would not connect two state roads, but only one state road with a county road, there were at most 35 to 40 percent grants, the rough rest had to bear the municipality.

As an alternative, the district of bamberg was investigated as a building burden bearer, which, according to schlund, district administrator gunther denzler had agreed to. The municipality had accounted for only 40 percent of the costs.

Only 20 percent of the costs

Finally one stumbled on the variant "sonderbaulastmabnahme" (special construction load decrease), for which the free state of bavaria can be won under certain conditions. Then only 20 percent of the costs will fall on the market of hirschaid. The prerequisite is a reclassification of state and county roads in connection with road tree removals in neighboring altendorf, which must be completed by 2017 due to the expansion of the ICE line. After that, the district road BA 27 (maximilianstrabe) in hirschaid can be upgraded to the state road 2260.

There will be an "advance agreement between the county of bamberg, the state of bavaria and the market of hirschaid, and already – after final clarification of the state"s claim and the later road maintenance – the new construction of the relief road could be started. A little bit of future music also sounded: mayor schlund drew on the map the continuation of this eastward link in the direction of the B 505. This also diverted traffic on the east-west axis around the center of hirsschaid.

Schlund calculated that the ostspange between the autobahn and hirschaid-sud could be built in four years at the earliest. Peter van dun of the free voters could only conclude that his group"s fears that the project they had applied for might have fallen asleep were probably unfounded. His caucus colleague kurt barthelmes advised taking advantage of the tailwind of the state elections coming up in 2013. And CSU spokesman klaus homann pointed out the positive side effect of the development of new commercial space.

Unanimously and without further debate, the market town council approved hirschaid's participation in "regionalwerke bamberg gmbh". Like the other 35 municipalities belonging to the district, hirschaid must initially contribute a share of 475 euros to the formation of the share capital.