From poxdorf for poxdorf

From poxdorf for poxdorf

Some poxdorfers from upper franconia went to poxdorf near jena in thuringia (saale-holzland-kreis) recently. There has been friendly contact between the two communities since 2014.

In the preparation of the 700. In 2015, on the occasion of the jubilee of the upper franconian poxdorf, alfons bischof, the chairman of the local fruit and horticulture association (OGV), had the idea of linking the residents of the four villages throughout germany that bore the name poxdorf with each other in a friendly manner by means of an apple tree sponsorship and inviting them to franconia on the occasion of the jubilee of the village.

Since then there have been occasional visits from huben and druben. In august, the people of poxdorf in upper franconia received an official invitation from the pastor and mayor of poxdorf in thuringia to take part in the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the founding of the party. Jubilaum the church there to participate. Alfons bischof and edmund reck from the OGV and some other poxdorfers drove to thuringia.

As a gift to the guests, they had brought along a three-meter linden tree that was to be planted as a sign of the friendship between the two countries. After the festive service in the old baroque village church, the lime tree was planted in the open space between the church and the former schoolhouse, which is now the town hall with a community meeting room.

Daniel voigt, the mayor of the 80-strong town, took over the tree's topping. With the words "let this lime tree grow on us" pastor eckhard waschnewski encouraged the villagers to cherish their jubilee and friendship lime tree.

After the planting, the guests from france were invited to a richly laid coffee table. Later on, thuringian sausages were served up. After good talks and mutual assurances of wanting to keep in touch, the french poxdorfers set off for home.