For more cooperation and solidarity

This year the europe union can celebrate europe day on 9. May not commit as in previous years. But europe union chairman hans-dieter scherpf has written a statement on the subject, because this year will mark the 70th anniversary of the association’s founding. Anniversary of the schuman declaration celebrated. "It was a great moment of humanity and far-sightedness, and its core message has lost none of its significance", says hans-dieter scherpf, chairman of the europe union hammelburg.

"On 9.May 1950, the french minister robert schuman laid the foundation for european unification in his historical speech. With his bold idea of separating the most important raw materials of the time – coal and steel – from the former "hereditary enemies," he was able to create a new community to have germany and france administered jointly, he relied on cooperation instead of competition, on community instead of nationalism, and on trust instead of suspicion, scherpf continues. The timelessness of robert schuman’s basic idea is particularly evident now in the corona crisis, in which this anniversary falls. "Europe can’t be built in one fell swoop, and it can’t be built in one simple summary. It will be created by concrete facts that will first create a solidarity of action", schuman said in his speech. "This solidarity of action must be visible and tangible in the fight against the corona pandemic and its consequences throughout the EU", demands hans-dieter scherpf. Unfortunately, national reflexes became visible in the corona crisis, be it in one-sided border fights or initial competition in the procurement of medical supplies. "The corona pandemic, like any other global challenge, can be better met if we join forces and act together in solidarity. Corona puts the eu and the world community to a hard test. Our answer to this is: better together, emphasizes the district chairman.

"We can celebrate europe week and the 9. May this year will not be celebrated with public celebrations and events. However, we want to carry on the spirit of the schuman declaration and, especially in the current situation, promote even more cooperation and solidarity in the EU", declares hans-dieter scherpf.

"The peace of the world cannot be maintained without sacrificial efforts commensurate with the gravity of the threat", robert schuman began his speech". Scherpf is convinced that this motto can also be applied to the current threats, be it the corona pandemic or climate change