Evi Bauer is the new director of the generation center

Evi bauer is the new director of the generation center

Evi bauer is 35 years young, grew up in herzogenaurach and is very well integrated into the life of the city. Her active work with the town youth band alone has opened up a wide network for her. Since monday, evi bauer is now in the service of the administration of her hometown: she has taken over the management of the generation center.
After a three-month vacancy, the young woman was able to fill an important new position in the city's facilities. For at the end of february, her predecessor thomas lang left herzogenaurach after a good three years and took over as director of the catholic adult education center at feuerstein castle.

Three under one roof

The generation center only came into being in the fall of 2016. After the renovation of the sandstone building in erlanger strabe, the city's former recreation center was seamlessly transferred to the new facility. Since then, the work with children, youth and seniors has been intergenerationally summarized in it. The generation center thus combines three houses under one roof, so to speak.
Mayor german hacker (SPD) was pleased when he was able to introduce the new colleague to the press on monday afternoon. It is definitely an advantage that ms. Bauer comes from herzogenaurach and has an excellent network here. "You don't have to explain anything to her about herzogenaurach", said hacker. The educator, who studied social work at the university in bamberg, has also worked with people before. She had been employed at the office for children, youth and families of the district administration in erlangen since 2009 and had been working in family education there since 2014. Among other things, she came into contact with the generationenzentrum through the baby workshop that exists in the herzogenaurach facility. She had already met her predecessor in 2016 and had exchanged professional views. Without suspecting at that time, however, that she could one day become his successor.

Herzo coaches

It is already a rough challenge to unite the areas of children, youth and seniors under one roof, said evi bauer. She will coordinate these areas in her position as head of a team of about ten employees. In addition, she has long been in charge of the herzo coaches project. Above all, she is keen to make the institution with its still rather new name better known to the public, she said.
Evi bauer is married and the mother of two children aged one and three quarters and ten years. After graduating from herzogenaurach secondary school, she went to the academy for social pedagogy in hochstadt, where she wanted to train as an educator. She did her internships in herzogenaurach, including at the kindergarten st. Magdalena and in the nursery of the carl-platz-school. During her studies in bamberg, she also lived in the world heritage city for a short time.

City youth band

She played clarinet and saxophone in the town youth band from the age of ten to 21 and taught early musical education. Later she also played with the former. After a break, she would now like to return to this ensemble soon.