Every euro helps sick people

every euro helps sick people

A "mood maker in the twinkling of an eye" – that's what it says on his barrel organ – is helmut hofmann. The 60-year-old pre-retiree and former chef from oberaula in hesse has been on a tour of germany since mid-june. His goal: to raise 5,000 euros for the german cancer aid organization. Sick children are particularly close to his heart.
With his electromobile, "hessen-helmut" has – as he also calls himself – has already made stops in various federal states. He traveled via munster, hameln, hanover, bremen, hamburg, schwerin, muritzsee, berlin and leipzig to erfurt. After about 3,000 kilometers, he stopped off as a local hero at the local market festival in oberaula.

"Friendly reception"
"The idea matured after the many bicycle tours through germany that i have undertaken with my wife ute over the past 25 years", explained hofmann on tuesday evening at the waldeck inn and hotel in reith.
"Hesse-helmut" is also quite close to his goal, because he has already collected over 4000 euros in donations. "So far everything has actually worked out according to plan. I have also always been received in a friendly manner, with just a few exceptions", the 60-year-old was pleased. The hotels and guesthouses love him to stay for free. For further costs he takes money from his travel account.
"I built this up during my appearances as santa claus", says the early retiree. He had a special experience in hanover. There his action was namely explained in the church service. Afterwards, his barrel organ melodies were followed by copious donations at the church square.

Battery needed recharging
A special station was also dinkelsbuhl, its deleika barrel organ comes from this town. In principle, playing in the city is not permitted. "But when the city fathers heard of my action, they made an exception and allowed my organ to sound in the town hall square. A fine train", so hofmann.
Why did he now make reith station of all places?? "That's because I can drive almost 100 kilometers with my electric vehicle. After that, the battery needs to be recharged", explained the 60-year-old.

Rough gastronome
When he called, the owner of the hotel waldeck, kai achilles, immediately agreed to let him perform for his guests. Achilles spontaneously eats the donation box with 150 euro. Helmut hofmann cranked his organ and sang along, folk songs and old hits rang out. In his blue hessian coat, with a swalm hat on his head, he also offered something for the eye. The guests not only applauded the evening, they also ate the tin can of "hessen helmut.