Closure at the lagerberg intersection

Traffic is currently regulated differently at the lagerberg intersection. The crossing is only one lane passable. If you want to go to the camp, you have to take a detour.

Because the crossing area will be renewed. On monday, the pavement between the intersection and the access road to saaleck castle was chipped away. At the end of the week there should be the new asphalt. Until the end of the easter vacations further pieces will be renewed.

The official detour route leads from fuchsstadt in the direction of lager. But those who know the area used the slow lane between fuchsstadt and pfaffenhausen right away on monday. The connecting road was heavily frequented, especially since there was a serious traffic accident on the detour route between fuchsstadt and lager on monday morning of all days.

However, the slow lane between fuchsstadt and pfaffenhausen is narrow. In some sections only one vehicle fits through.

When the work at the lagerberg intersection is complete, a three-kilometer stretch of federal highway 287 between hammelburg and fuchsstadt will be open for traffic. Also this will be renewed. The asphalt is being chipped away in sections. After that, the new surface course will be placed on top. There will be half-lane closures.

"As soon as the marking work is finished, the southern section of the hammelburg bypass will be completely reopened to traffic", according to the schweinfurt state building authority. The construction costs, which will be borne by the federal government, were quoted by the state building office at around 640,000 euros.

The sparing work around the new saalebrucke has already been taking place for a few days independently of this. For example, the new traffic circle and the road divider were planted. New trees and shrubs also line the parking lot at the old lagerstrabe and the section between the bridge and the lagerberg intersection. The statue of the virgin mary, which used to stand at the head of the former saale bridge and is currently in storage, will be given a small place to stand. It has already taken shape. A small paved area is created next to a planted area.