City and city association honor athletes

Basketball, canoeing, swimming, athletics – the range of sports was broad and is not exhaustive when mayor christian lange and wolfgang reichmann, chairman of the bamberg sports association, held this year’s sportsmanship ceremony in the auditorium of the graf stauffenberg school.

Lange and reichmann presented the certificates and medals to seven school teams, 19 club teams, 64 individual athletes and three deserving functionaries. Athletes who have achieved at least one vice-championship and "of whom the sports city of bamberg can be proud" were honored. Congratulations to all of you. This athletic performance is only achieved by those who make a continuous effort over a period of years", so long in his grubwort. He also thanked the coaches, teachers and family members who made this success possible for the athletes.

This year, rudolf ziegler, josef hofer and georg schrepfer, who were honored as outstanding officials, represented the many women and men who perform incredible voluntary work in the sports clubs.

In his laudatory speech, lange also referred to the work of the city and put the amount of the city’s sports claim at 888,000 euros.

Wolfgang reichmann, who congratulated the honorees on behalf of the sports association, referred in his speech to the many sports that exist in the city: "basketball dominates in bamberg, and there is also soccer. But much more is happening. Sports life in our city is more colorful than ever before. You can really see that when you mingle with the athletes. We from the city association are pleased that we could accompany 23 city championships in the last months and could hang a good 15 000 medals on the necks. This is a boom we have. We have 60 clubs under our roof, only a few of them are not members of us. Therefore, we want to try to get them on board.".