The club is now led by Matthias Klement

The club is now led by matthias klement

The association rhonlink e.V. Has elected a new board of directors. The previous first chairman, jochen vogel, stood down, as did deputy chairman brigitte meyerdierks, secretary alexander schneider, and the two treasurers roland rommelt and bernold martin.
Matthias klement, mayor of mabbach, was unanimously elected new chairman by a show of hands. A lot has been achieved". He "benefits from the contacts and the network that jochen vogel has built up". He wanted to build on the foundation laid by the outgoing first chairman: "there is still plenty to do."
Before the election, jochen vogel gave a review of the past four years since the founding of the club and expressed his joy at what has been achieved. He has "learned an incredible amount and also marveled". Thanks to the many supporters and with objectivity, rhonlink had contributed to the result as it is today with the undergrounding. Vogel thanked for a "good cooperation and a good exchange on different levels".

Talks keep up

District administrator thomas bold (CSU) said that although the most intensive phases are over, the team must continue to work on issues such as the compensation scheme. In addition, efforts are being made to talk to the bavarian minister of economic affairs and to maintain contact with tennet and the federal network agency.
After a statement by gerhard schumm, who criticized the fact that the "P43 mod" variant had not been chosen, the vote was held." Was favored by tennet, mdl sandro kirchner (CSU) countered that the decision on the route of the line lay with the federal network agency and that in bavaria the "P43" variant was always chosen had been communicated. He also praised rhonlink's performance and the "constructive level" of communication, what the club has achieved. He also appealed for good cooperation between rhonlink, the citizens' initiatives and the political level.
Treasurer gotthard schlereth read out the cash report. The year 2017 closed with a surplus. The club had invited to the 31. 12.94 members in 2017, in the meantime one member has resigned. The cash register was audited by the two previous cash auditors, roland rommelt and bernold martin, and was in "perfect condition" was found to be. The actions of the previous executive board were ratified. 

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Wanted: yew trees in the frankenwald

The neanderthals knew it, robin hood and otzi obviously did too, and doctors appreciate it because it is used to develop active ingredients for cancer therapy. And yet it is sought after, the yew tree – throughout the frankenwald. The multitalent is to return to the native forests and for it one drives now still completely different protections on.

But first, why is the yew tree so urgently sought after that a "citizen science project" has now been initiated to secure the help of the population?? Several experts were able to answer this question, as they met at a natural monument near bernstein, a yew tree that is considered to be the oldest tree in the frankenwald. The gnarled tree is about 800 to 850 years old, but it could theoretically live for another 2150 years. No spab, because individual yew trees can actually be up to 3000 years old.

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Alexander herrmann cooks with seehofer in kulmbach

Alexander herrmann cooks with seehofer in kulmbach

The competence center for nutrition in kulmbach invited to "cooking for and with politics".

When a minister president takes the long way from berlin to kulmbach on the autobahn, then something important must have happened. Horst seehofer did just that – to make semmelbrosel in upper franconia. Together with star chef alexander hermann and the head of kulmbach, henry schramm, he took part in the event "cooking for and with politics" even though seehofer says he has little to do with cooking.

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Plow damaged fiber optic cable

The cable runs under the farmer’s field, which is about six kilometers from bad kissingen. The saale-zeitung was also affected by the storm. Editorial office and business office were unavailable by phone for most of the day. Speeches to the audience were also not possible. Saale-zeitung’s e-mail connection was not affected.

Among others, the district office and the local court also had problems. While telephones worked and e-mails arrived at the district office, it was not possible to send e-mails. The bavarian government network, a separate network with protected lines, was also dead throughout the district.

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“Oberlowe” stands to answer questions

The regularities such as reports from the areas of the fan club, or the new elections of the board for the region 19 – so heibt lower franconia on the fan club map – were worked through, then the man was allowed to do it, on whose execution the "lowen" supporters were eagerly awaiting. Contact with the grass roots is important to dieter schneider. "When he is invited, he also tries to come. I know him quite well," said claus hunnerkopf from geiselwind, the re-elected chairman of 19 munich fan clubs in the area stretching from aschaffenburg to bamberg 19.

The acquaintance schneiders to hunnerkopf does not result only from the winter training camp of the munchner briefly in turkey, where hunnerkopf traveled times evenly there, in order to be completely close the zweitliga kickern of its adored club. In order to have the president present at the meeting, the date of the fan club meeting was appropriately timed, hunnerkopf said.

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Magical: the blessing for couples

Under the motto "you are magic" couples of all ages were invited to the pilgrimage chapel "zeiler kappele invited to a blessing service. The high point of this service was the blessing of god, which pastor michael erhart gave to each couple with very personal words and thoughts. "And in every beginning there is a magic that protects us and helps us to live", with this sentence by the poet hermann hesse, the pastor in the sermon spanned his thoughts on the changing form of feelings and love. He looked with the couples at the different stages of life and forms of love. While the love at the wedding is still "pink" after years and decades, it often turns into a rather mundane rut.

Love rekindled

Pastor michael erhart referred to the "embers from the text of the hymn, which he had read from the holy scripture. And he asked the question: "when was the last time you glowed for your partner??" He showed how love can be rekindled over and over again. Just as a miracle candle does not ignite itself and produce sparks, so it is with the love between two people. It always needs the spark that reignites the love again. He wished the couples that the magic of love can ignite something and that love does not just fade away and grow cold, even if some things change. As a souvenir, each pair took a card designed with sparklers.

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Gomez undergoes surgery – lahm: “quite bitter for us”

Gomez undergoes surgery - lahm: 'quite bitter for us'

The 27-year-old was found to have free joint bodies in the right ankle joint. "He’s not doing well," sports executive matthias sammer says. According to bavaria, the duration of the failure is not yet foreseeable. "This is quite bitter for us," said captain philipp lahm.

Gomez had to be replaced early because of the problems already on saturday in the test against werder bremen at the short tournament "liga total cup" in hamburg. Gomez’s absence three weeks before the start of the bundesliga makes the record champion’s injury list even longer. Rafinha (torn ligament in ankle) and david alaba (fatigue fracture in fub) have already been absent for weeks. Jungst injured in diego contento (haarriss im fub) also a third aubenverteidiger.

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Every euro helps sick people

every euro helps sick people

A "mood maker in the twinkling of an eye" – that's what it says on his barrel organ – is helmut hofmann. The 60-year-old pre-retiree and former chef from oberaula in hesse has been on a tour of germany since mid-june. His goal: to raise 5,000 euros for the german cancer aid organization. Sick children are particularly close to his heart.
With his electromobile, "hessen-helmut" has – as he also calls himself – has already made stops in various federal states. He traveled via munster, hameln, hanover, bremen, hamburg, schwerin, muritzsee, berlin and leipzig to erfurt. After about 3,000 kilometers, he stopped off as a local hero at the local market festival in oberaula.

"Friendly reception"
"The idea matured after the many bicycle tours through germany that i have undertaken with my wife ute over the past 25 years", explained hofmann on tuesday evening at the waldeck inn and hotel in reith.
"Hesse-helmut" is also quite close to his goal, because he has already collected over 4000 euros in donations. "So far everything has actually worked out according to plan. I have also always been received in a friendly manner, with just a few exceptions", the 60-year-old was pleased. The hotels and guesthouses love him to stay for free. For further costs he takes money from his travel account.
"I built this up during my appearances as santa claus", says the early retiree. He had a special experience in hanover. There his action was namely explained in the church service. Afterwards, his barrel organ melodies were followed by copious donations at the church square.

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Paddle trip ends in trouble

Two boats, four people, one dog – jorg grosse swarms from the "wunderschonen" saturday outing on the wiesent river. Jorg grosse, his neighbor wolfgang batz and the wives of the two paddlers had boarded in behringersmuhle. What dulled the three-hour trip downriver were the many rule violations observed by the paddling quartet. Boat drivers disregarded "in rows" the exit points or "sounded with their ghetto blasters" the river landscape.

"I didn’t want to get angry because the day was already like that", remembers big. But at the exit point in muggendorf, the trouble suddenly took over. "We were massively insulted by the professional boat renters", says wolfgang batz. "They pulled our boats away and threatened to have our cars towed away."

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No one really warms to futsal

Next saturday is the district council meeting in mellrichstadt. With rainer koch as guest. Maybe it’s also a bit about futsal. The type of indoor soccer that the president of the bavarian soccer association is known to like so much. Why as much as possible and as often as possible of it should be offered everywhere. In official competitions, there is no way around futsal anyway. To the chagrin of the rhonians, who are gradually losing interest in this rather low-scoring game that doesn’t scare away spectators – because they don’t come to the hall in the first place. The protagonists also show the cold shoulder to futsal, this time not even a qualifying tournament was of note in view of the overwhelming number of entries from the clubs

much more fans had turned up 24 hours earlier at the munnerstadt sports center for the three-legged kick under "normal" conditions indoor futsal conditions. Even many officials and referees, who have been sworn to the association’s line for years, are now blatantly critical of futsal, while the association’s leaders are operating without the wishes of the grassroots. A perceptual disturbance that drives displeasure to extremes. "Futsal is for the very bottom, if only on small goals is played", finds, for example, matthias petzold, the former coach of TSV ostheim. Coach colleagues such as leander gerlach (SV herschfeld) or markus bach (TSV grobbardorf II) were a bit more diplomatic, putting the fun of the game in the foreground, but of course also not denying the overwhelming level of the game.

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