Friends of the garden decided to dissolve the association

The garden and flower friends have dissolved their association! In the "angerstubla an extraordinary meeting of the members took place again on thursday. The plan was actually to form a new board of directors to continue and maintain the association.

Chairwoman marlis thiele resigned for reasons of age and health, as did the treasurer and the secretary. Thus a continuation of the association would have been possible only with a new executive committee. The meeting was attended by 33 voting members, including district advisor michael stromer. Marlis thiele was initially pleased about the interest in the club. She showed her work in the association in a small review. From march 2012 it had the presidency. The maintenance of the anonymous graves in the cemetery was a special concern of the association from 2013 onwards. Only by donations the work could be completed. The future care of the garden must be discussed with the city.

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Advertising in foil upsets many burgers

In addition to everyday objects made of plastic, mailboxes are often overflowing with plastic: advertising leaflets wrapped in foil, recently distributed by the german postal service. What to do with it?

"I rub off the film, put it in the yellow bag, and throw the rest in the paper trash, says detlef krack. As a chimney sweep, he already lives the environmental idea professionally and already carries out these manual operations automatically. He can also imagine that many of these advertising media wrapped in foil are simply thrown into the mull, says krack.

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Doctors without borders:ebola strategy fails

doctors without borders:ebola strategy fails

"We are not sure we will finish (the epidemic) if we continue as we are," MSF president joanne liu said in geneva on thursday. She demanded an approach that puts the wishes and fears of the patients and the village communities more center stage.

In the ebola outbreak in eastern congo, which was announced seven months ago, 907 people have been infected with the pathogen and 569 have died, according to the world health organization (WHO). The fight against the epidemic is complicated by the fact that dozens of rebel groups are active in the region. But you also have to win the trust of the people, liu stressed.

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