Burgerliste wants to enter the municipal parliament

Veronika schadeck steinbach am wald- with the burgerliste steinbach am wald "wir fur euch" (we stand for you) steinbacher citizens aim to vote in upcoming local elections on 15. Marz mandates in the municipal council. The burger list is headed by frank hirschbock. To be eligible for the municipal elections, the citizens' list needs 80 signatures from steinbach residents. Therefore, a list is available in the town hall, on which all citizens of the municipality can sign up. The burger list is headed by frank hirschbock.

More transparency

"We want to bring a breath of fresh air to the municipal council", according to hirschbock at a meeting on wednesday evening. The burgerlist "we for you is intended to offer the people of steinbach an alternative to the CSU, SPD and freie wahler. Many citizens could no longer identify with the established parties, says hirschbock. He and his team also wanted to create more transparency. They felt that too many issues were being discussed and decided behind closed doors. Burgers also to be brought on board with greater vigor. In order to sound out their concerns, the burgerliste intends to call meetings in which the people of steinbach can raise their concerns and ask questions. Other goals, he said, include expanding medical care, accessibility within the rough community, a requirement for social structures. This includes youth work, playgrounds, etc. As well as an erosion of the community image.

In addition, "we want you advocate for the creation of a community demand program. The money is to be used to support private individuals who want to renovate their property and vacant buildings or put them back to use. It's also about creating more democracy within the community and giving citizens a stronger voice in the development of their home.

Frank hirschbock emphasizes that their objectives are not only about the core community, but about all of steinbach. ",wir fur euch' stands not only for steinbach, but for all parts of the town!"