Bells of the herzogenaurach church in st. Magdalena are dismantled

The towering crane jib naturally attracted a number of observers to the church square and the process was captured on numerous cameras. Among them, of course, the city pastor helmut hetzel, who also took a picture with the camera, until the battery went on strike.

When the crane was in place, lifting another stone from the top of the structure and setting down a toolbox at the top of the tower, everything went pretty quickly. The employees of the "bayreuther turmuhren" company pushed the coarse bell onto the scaffolding and a short time later it was already standing on the trailer of the bayreuth company. Also with the second and somewhat smaller bell, it carries the year 1651, there were no problems and it joins the coarse bell a few minutes later.

The suspensions of the two bells were also brought to the ground and are being examined for damage and signs of wear. The structural engineer will take a closer look at the tower itself. Although the damage is not a danger, it should and must of course be repaired.

Pastor helmut hetzel was glad that the specialists brought the bells to the ground without any problems. Something problems the pastor but the cost "the about 27.000 euros that we calculated will not be enough by far at the current level, helmut hetzel fears. The parish is therefore very grateful for the support of the believers and the herzogenaurach people.

Donations can be made to or transferred to account 6 000 918 of the sparkasse herzogenaurach.