Behringer now honorary member

This year again, the hallstadt masons' and builders' guild celebrated its traditional michaeli festival in coordination with the harvest festival of the hallstadt farmers' association. The secular celebration in the parish youth center was preceded by a festive service in the parish church. Kilian ahead. The place of worship was decorated with flowers next to the statue of st. John the baptist. St. St. Michael, the patron saint of the masons' and builders' guilds, with the harvest crown and above all the altar area, lovingly decorated with countless fruits of the field, a real "eye-catcher. All this gave the whole eucharistic celebration a dignified and at the same time grateful ambience.

The following secular celebration was opened by the town band of hallstadt with a march and wolfgang hofmann, chairman of the farmers association, addressed the visitors with greetings and informative words about agriculture.

Josef diller, chairman of the masons' and builders' guild, also began by addressing the visitors in the packed parish and youth center. From the "guild this celebration is used every year to honor deserving and long-serving members. This year, andreas groh was awarded the guild pin and certificate for 15 years of membership in the guild. For 25 years membership in the guild stefan linzmayer was honored with the silver pin and certificate.

In a special act of honor, josef diller thanked michael behringer for his great services, which he had rendered for many years as secretary, as a member of the board of directors and as a "guild" member-musicians – here especially as musical accompaniment to the "mason's gossip – in the guild, and appointed him an honorary member of the masons' and builders' guild of hallstadt. This award was underscored with a tastefully designed certificate of honor.

The celebration in the parish and youth center was then continued with a rich buffet – arranged by the parish council – until the afternoon hours, during which the town band once again played with great musical entertainment.