An exchange at eye level

Bringing together the agility of a start-up, the network of a medium-sized company and the efficiency of a corporation to better survive in the modern, uncertain business world – that is the declared goal of the second edition of the "mindfusion" format. At the event on wednesday, 27. February, from 5 to 7 p.M. At the IGZ bamberg in the kronacher strabe, it's about the exchange between representatives of companies of different coarse.

In the run-up to the event, we spoke to three initiators of the event and asked them about the current situation of their companies in bamberg: christian schieber, CEO and co-founder of the start-up bytabo (20 employees), catharina stamm, innovation manager of the mediengruppe oberfranken (1100 employees), and andrej dering, team leader prototype construction at bosch bamberg (7500 employees at the site).

Does the city of bamberg offer a good environment for its companies??

Andrej dering: in any case! The innovation community from a wide variety of industries and, of course, the connection with the chair, which is currently growing strongly, offers many opportunities for collaboration and idea generation. We still need better networking among the stakeholders, but we're already working on that. Catharina stamm: i agree with andrej dering, the diversity of industries and the infrastructure is there, now we just have to use it more intensively. Christian schieber: due to its high quality of life, the city of bamberg offers good fertile ground for our employee recruitment. The close proximity to nurnberg and central location in germany allows good connections to customers and partners. In addition, the city of bamberg is z.B. With lagarde1 very keen on networking start-ups and industry. Last but not least, a great network of different companies is forming in bamberg, from which everyone can benefit.

What challenges are your employers currently facing??

Christian schieber: our challenge is to further spread our awareness, our image as a digital hassle-free company. As a young start-up, you are often underestimated and have to prove yourself first. We want to improve the world of employees together with smes and corporations through digital innovation. We want to create the best possible synergy. Andrej dering: facing the change in the markets and the digital transformation. Here we need completely different forms of organization and approaches. Catharina stamm: just like bosch, MGO faces the challenge of digital transformation. The world is spinning faster and faster, and we have to adapt our daily activities as well. We are open to new ideas and work hard on ourselves, but we still have a long way to go.

What are your goals for this event?

Catharina stamm: improving our regional visibility and expanding our networking with other companies. Among other things, we want to learn about the best practices of other organizations and, if necessary, derive solutions for ourselves from them. And simply show what bamberg, not berlin, has to offer. Andrej dering: better regional networking, utilizing the strengths of a wide variety of organizational forms and methods – that's what it's all about for us. But we also want to think outside the box and promote digitization. Christian schieber: we want to show that a start-up is also part of the german corporate world. A start-up can also be very important for a medium-sized company and a corporation. Our goal is to make eye-level projects with these companies. At the event, we want to show the synergies that can arise and how we can work together and learn from each other.

What makes the exchange at mindfusion special for you??

Christian schieber: the unique composition i have never seen before. A corporation, a medium-sized company and a startup share an event and want to bring together something that belongs together in this country. We also want to encourage honest and open interaction between the stakeholders. In this way, fertile ground can be created for a great future in which everyone can win.

Andrej dering: this is a completely new format of collaboration and learning. With this we can all develop to a whole new level, which could also give an enormous boost to the economic development in the region. Catharina stamm: clearly, the special thing is the diversity of the players who come together at the event. The questions asked