Alexander herrmann cooks with seehofer in kulmbach

Alexander herrmann cooks with seehofer in kulmbach

The competence center for nutrition in kulmbach invited to "cooking for and with politics".

When a minister president takes the long way from berlin to kulmbach on the autobahn, then something important must have happened. Horst seehofer did just that – to make semmelbrosel in upper franconia. Together with star chef alexander hermann and the head of kulmbach, henry schramm, he took part in the event "cooking for and with politics" even though seehofer says he has little to do with cooking.

"I am a complete layman and can only be used for auxiliary work", seehofer said in advance "and whenever i tried something alone at home, everything was usually up in smoke." That's why he asked hermann not to push him too hard. The occasion for the joint cooking was the first bavarian food days in kulmbach.

Seehofer admitted openly and honestly: "since i have just come from completely different places, i first have to see where i am and what it's all about." After all, he praised kulmbach in his opening statement as "the most important food location in europe." Rough applause. As a bavarian minister-president weib how to make friends in franken, seehofer stressed that bavaria does not only consist of munchen. "We need strong regions." That's why it's good that such a food center has been created in kulmbach.
To make the guests aware of the importance of the food days, seehofer told them about his childhood: "back then, chocolate bars or meat were rare pleasures. Today, enjoyment is the rule, said the bavarian minister-president.

The perfect steak

After star chef alexander hermann had shown the guests how to fry the perfect steak, he asked horst seehofer to the stove. At first, he felt visibly uncomfortable in his skirt. His first task was to make breadcrumbs – so hermann had taken seehofer's request to heart. A premiere followed: for the first time in his life, horst seehofer broke eggs. He himself fought bravely. The spectators, however, had little to gain from the spectacle, since in the meantime a media crowd had formed around the minister-president. Many had to stare at the screens mounted on the wall. But there were only brosel and cracked eggs to see. It was good that television was also there.

Henry schramm was in the meantime struggling to find beet to make a salad from it. Alexander hermann looked over his shoulder critically. Three eggs will do, hermann turned to seehofer. Well, one more thing – for the cameras.

Then horst seehofer was freed from cooking, but had to immediately turn to the next task: a discussion round with experts. It was quickly agreed that healthy food and plenty of exercise are the cornerstones of a healthy life. The bavarian prime minister asked a crucial question: helmut schmidt (born in 1918) smokes, drinks a lot of coffee and is constantly under stress – so whether he is the exception to the rule? Here, too, it was quickly agreed: the absolute exception.

Seehofer's wife called

In no time at all, two hours had passed, and seehofer had to move on – an appointment with his wife was calling. Since he was visiting kulmbach, he naturally couldn't help but taste the kulmbach beer. "Is that healthy?", seehofer asked and took a sip. But then he really had to move on. He said goodbye to the audience with the phrase: "the healthy person has many wishes, the sick person only one."

Henry schramm quietly asked his guest not to forget kulmbach. Seehofer's initial skepticism seemed to have evaporated in the meantime: "that made me feel good right away, he said. Schramm emphasized that it was worthy of all honor that horst seehofer had come all the way from berlin to be there this evening. Schramm then had a closing sentence on his lips, which some guests had surely been waiting for eagerly: "and now there's food"."